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And so it ends: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

So, I want to quickly get out some thoughts on DH before I go reading everybody’s reviews. Overall, I was quite impressed. Needless to say, HBP to me, was by far the worst book. Influenced greatly by my dislike of … Continue reading

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“Harry Potter can kiss my ass!”

Wow. Comment moderation actually WORKS in WordPress. So if your comment doesn’t automatically appear when you submit it, it’s cos I have to approve it. I think there is a way to make it appear automatically, but I’ve yet to … Continue reading

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Harry and the Potters

Two Harry Potter related things today, and also a test to see if all the DNS changes have gone through so my site is actually being hosted at the new place. First off, a new dinosaur has been discovered, and … Continue reading

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The Big Update

… which probably isn’t going to be that big. The Easter Show Word of the day: foul Quote of the day: “ye olde pixelated graphics” – Travis in reference to cross-stitch So, after much bribery and negotiation, Manda and Travis … Continue reading

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Random Quotes

—- Happy Hour by bk “Let me tell you something else, Granger,” he said with a rough sleep-tinged drawl to his voice. “You shouldn’t go changing yourself for that someone special. Because no one else in this whole messed up … Continue reading

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Testing pictures

Ok, So I’ve uploaded the pictures plugin, I’ve set up the files and the database table in MySQL. Now check out the goodness that are ICONS! This one is pretty funny: But this totally made my day: Heeeee!

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