Eurotrip Week 1.5: All beered out

Holiday so far has been pretty awesome. Note to self: any flight before 8am in the morning is a stupid stupid idea.

Singapore was hoooot – but this was very conducive to me staying in the shopping mall and attempting not to shop. Su offered me the choice of “strenuous day” or “relaxing day” on my first day in Singapore. This was the result of “relaxing day”:
deadedSo very lucky I didn’t choose strenuous day, huh? I also had an overwhelming sense of deja vu for 3 days in a row, as we walked through the same shopping mall each day… to get an ice cream sandwich:

Ice cream sandwich

I did however, make it to Raffles Hotel to have a Singapore sling, so that’s one off the list for ‘trying the local alcoholic specialty’.

I arrived in London on Friday at 6am in the morning. Luckily for me, lots of sleep in the plane meant that I wasn’t jetlagged. However, standing in the line at immigration for 1+ hours was definitely trying at that time in the morning! I managed to make it to my friend’s place, and promptly had a nap.

We flew out to Munich on the Friday evening.. so much flying for one day. We stayed in this cute little hotel called the “Art Hotel Munich”. Each of the doors to the rooms had interesting abstract art painted on them, and there were paintings throughout the hallways. Very cool! The breakfast they provided was also top-notch – cold cuts, bread rolls, coffee and nutella up the wazoo. It’s very important to have a filling breakfast before heading to Oktoberfest (:

We got up in the wee hours of the morning to get to oktoberfest at 7:30am. That’s right – AM. The beer halls don’t open till 10am, however, by 8am there was already a large crowd. Picking a beer hall is an art form – it will dictate the sort of crowd you will have. We expressly avoided the Hofbrau hall as it’s full of bogan Aussies :P Paulaner was a much safer option – it’s where the locals go.

tapping the keg

The beer isn’t served till 12 noon – following the tapping of the keg. This is done with much fanfare – a whole procession of people come in and a band plays and they say lots of things in German.. and suddenly, there’s beer (: We stayed there for most of the first day, and after a 3 steins (litres) of beer, I was feeling pretty toasty.

The next day, I opted to give my liver a short respite and didn’t head to the beer halls straight away. Instead, I talked a few ppl (which ended up being everyone) to head to Munich town centre to have a look. We manasged to get to Marienplatz in time to see the glockenspiel thing at noon… that was pretty cool. We also headed to the Ratskeller – according to my friends this is a pretty famous restaurant in Munich. I couldn’t resist trying the Lowenbrau  oktoberfest bier:

We headed back to the beer halls after lunch and found tables outside. My friends taught me to play the drinking game “Kings”… this was a bad bad bad idea – I completely lost count of how much beer I drank after two games. Later on, we headed inside the beer hall… they had music going and for the second day in a row, I found myself dancing on the tables – drinking beer and shotting jager. This was not a good idea, seeing as I hadn’t fully recovered from the previous day. And so, for the third time in my life – I threw up thanks to excessive alcohol intake. But hey, if you’re going to throw up due to excessive drinking – oktoberfest is the place to do it.

And if I hadn’t gone outside, we wouldn’t have seen this awesome sign:

And that’s what they were serving – cow in a bun (;

Looking back, I’m surprised that there wasn’t more fanfare considering it was the 200th year of oktoberfest. (Blind dumb luck on my part for picking this year to go :P). I did meet a german girl around my age and she was heaps surprised that I had travelled all the way from Australia to attend oktoberfest as it is “normal” for them. Getting back to London, we spent a day recovering. I can honestly say that after 6+ litres of beer over the weekend, I am well and truly sick of beer (for now).

I haven’t planned any of my time in London, so it’s been a bit of a mish mash trying to decide what to do. I decided to go to Wimbledon on Tuesday as it’s fairly close to get to from my friend’s place. I did a tour of the grounds and checked out the museum and now know a lot more about tennis than I ever intended to. I’ve also finally worked out the bus/tube/train connections after hopping on the wrong bus on the first day.

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Take Me Out Of Here

When I’m falling down
Will you pick me up again?
When I’m too far gone
Dead in the eyes of my friends

Will you take me out of here?
When I’m staring down the peril
When I’m blinded by the lights
When I can not see your face
Take me out of here

All I believe and all I’ve known
Are being taken from me back at home
Yeah do your worst, when worlds collide
Let their fear collapse, bring no surprise

Pendulum – Watercolour

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The last few weekends have been CA free, which has meant that I’ve been able to go out without feeling guilty. Over the long weekend I went to the Edwards compound in the mountains for plex’s birthday. It was nice to get away from the city following my exam and also spend time with friends I haven’t hung out with for a while. We checked out the Three Sisters on Sunday and also had awesome pies. I felt like the whole weekend was about eating. I’m not sure how I managed to fit so much food in, but damn I need to start dieting! On the Sunday night it was just three of us so we decided to attempt Rock Band 2’s “Endless Setlist” challenge. This is all 84 songs in a row… no breaks. We were probably a little insane to even try, but did manage to get through 56 songs before we collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. Considering we hardly got any sleep the night before, I think this was a good effort. We have booked in another weekend for us to try and get through all 84 songs – I’m looking forward to being able to say that I completed the challenge (: I’m glad I spent the weekend with friends, catching up and chilling out. We get few opportunities to do that these days and I know I will look back on these times fondly.

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Keep me company

I’ve been in a contemplative mood the last few days. This always happens when my parents go away and I don’t keep myself busy. It means I have time to sit down, reflect on where I’m at and whether I’m truly happy. If I’m completely honest – I’m not unhappy. But that doesn’t really mean that I am happy either does it? If I contemplate the trifecta (work, home, love) I’m actually in a good place. I am mostly able to manage my parents’ ridiculous ideas of being a good daughter, I have a decent job (despite my complaints below) and there is someone special in my life. So why am I not bursting with joy?

Perhaps because I’m looking back at my resolutions for the year and wondering if I’m even close to achieving them.

I definitely have not achieved work/life balance. Although, my recent decision to quit working in two divisions and just focus on one should help with this. At least for the foreseeable future, it is unlikely the work pace will slow down. I realise now though, that work has been making me very unhappy for the last few months. Running on 4-5 hours sleep every night is unhealthy and tired to sustain.I talked to a few close friends about it and most agree that this was a good decision. I hope it pays off.

I have also realised that I have an inability to say “no”. If I really look at myself, that’s probably true in all aspects of my life. I’m not really capable of saying “no” to people. I truly dislike disappointing people. The problem is that, in trying to please everyone – mostly I end up pleasing no one. And I always get in trouble then, for over-promising and under-delivering. I struggle with being an overachiever and a perfectionist. And I’m not really sure how to fix that.

I’ve also been feeling a bit lonely lately. This seems completely nonsensical – I’ve had people over almost every night, but it doesn’t distract from the big empty house. The knowing that sometimes, you really are by yourself and the battles must be fought alone.

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April Photo Dump

Go-karting in Wollongong!

Go-karting in Wollongong!

Go-kart Track

Go-kart Track

Falling to earth!

Falling to earth!



Casualties sustained in clubbing....

Casualties sustained in clubbing....

And that’s all I really have time to show. Will post some time when I have real things to say…

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Since We’ve Been Wrong

Do you still remember how you wore that dress
it slit my sight beneath the eyelids
Do you remember what you said to me
What course has given you the right to stray
And in your living tomb I’m stuck but safe
The clocks are ticking fast with every breath


Since we’ve been wrong
I’ve been part awake
Since we’ve been wrong
You will never ever know me
What took you so long
I’m not sure all the way
But my heart it asks just one more time
Are you still a mess

One day a rain will come to wash away
The earth that held us was no island
I have become ingrown inside this skin
I’ll find a way out through those eyelids

And all the days become a cast away
I seem to think I don’t belong here

[Chorus x 1]

I don’t belong here
I shouldn’t stay
What falls inside me grows empty
The wall between us will never break
Just seals it shut
It grows empty

Since we’ve been wrong
I’ve been part awake
Since we’ve been wrong
You will never ever know me
What took you so long
I’m not sure all the way
But my heart it asks just one more time
Are you still a mess

“Since We’ve Been Wrong” – The Mars Volta

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