With the stuff going around about LJ, I finally went back to see my old blog. Have moved a bunch of posts over to here for safekeeping and will likely delete my old LJ even if I can’t find way to neatly export the whole thing. Added a new category for them and everything. How strange to go back 10+ years and see all the random/fandom things I used to blog about.

About wafball

Rosi is now in her third decade on this Earth. Her blog is very old, but maybe she will get back into it one day.
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  1. That reminds me I really need to go in and export my stuff. The image links are all broken and by the end that’s all my entries had but the beginning was an actual journal entry accompanying the comic and even though those are painful to read now, it seems like a shame to not keep them somewhere safe.

  2. Oh, and that about page on here desperately needs to be updated. You’re young but not _that_ young any more :P

  3. wafball says:

    Yeah, if you find an easy way to export them to a WP blog or something similar let me know. I looked around and looks like the WP importer is broken from the LJ side, and then there’s really nothing else. You can export LJ psots month by month but that’s very tedious and from what I can see nothing can read those XML files so I resorted to just copying and pasting the posts I wanted manually. What a terrible solution.

    Oh HAHA I didn’t even realise the “about” was still there…..

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