New hobbies

So I have finally found time to indulge in a new hobby – photography. More specifically, lomography.

I had been wanting to get into photography for years, I just hadn’t found anything that really appealed to me. And then, I found out about the Diana. Harking back to the ol’ 70-80s plastic cameras, these are imprecise, dirty and give a very faded/washed-out look that appeals to me. So, a few friends chipped in to buy me one for Christmas. It came with an instant back that allows me to take Polaroids as well. Very very cool. I liked it so much, I splurged on a deluxe kit when I was in the U.K. The deluxe kit comes with a 35mm film adapter (and backing), and lots of lenses to boot. Perfect for dabbling in different effects!

So last weekend, the boy and I took advantage of the good weather and took our cameras out for a spin. I didn’t use up the whole roll of 35mm in the Diana. The boy did however, find an adapter so we can use the Diana lenses on our Canon SLR/DSLRs. And I do have the results from that. Here’s a few pics from that adventure. Hoping to find some more interesting photo subjects soon.

Boats on the water

More boats

Fuzzy grainy goodness


I quite like the effect the Diana lenses have given my SLR photos, although I suspect the Diana itself will give completely different results. I think the middle one was taken with the Fisheye lens, but somehow it just doesn’t have that real fisheye effect?

Now, I just need to work out how to get copies of my instant photos so I can put them up here as well.

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    Woohoo! I’ve been holding out for an update.

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