Animania Sydney March 2010

Animania Sydney March was on Saturday. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a mini, and it’s definitely grown since then. In fact, it grew so much that this year the venue was changed to ATP (where the main con is held). The day was pretty hectic – I was surprised at how many people attended and the store was busy all day except for when the Cosplay Comp was on. That’s pretty normal as most people like to see the cosplay and it gives us a chance to have a rest and grab a bite to eat. All in all, I had fun as usual and it reminded me of why I keep coming back every year despite not watching anime anymore.

I scored three bits of “merchandise”. One was given to me for free by a friend who runs a stall – it’s a wrib that says “Caution: Idiot” in English and Japanese. Very amusing to me and a good addition to my collection of wribs. Also bought a little badge showing a game of Tetris and the demo CD for my friend’s band. It’s actually getting hard to find new badges for my bag and my cap. A lot of the badges I see at cons now are not very witty and I’m finding less that speak to me as a geek. I need to find a few more to fill up the blank spaces on my cap in particular, but I’m guessing it will take a little while now.

I was lucky enough to be walking past the entrance when *this* walked in:


Too awesome!

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