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Since We’ve Been Wrong

Do you still remember how you wore that dress it slit my sight beneath the eyelids Do you remember what you said to me What course has given you the right to stray And in your living tomb I’m stuck … Continue reading

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Animania Sydney March 2010

Animania Sydney March was on Saturday. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a mini, and it’s definitely grown since then. In fact, it grew so much that this year the venue was changed to ATP (where the … Continue reading

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Just one of those days

Today did not turn out anything like I had planned. Normally I’m quite good at rolling with the punches and picking myself up if things don’t go my way. It’s a skill I picked up at work and comes in … Continue reading

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I don’t have time to really blog about what I’ve been up to. Nevertheless, the last weekend was pretty packed. I went to Jamberoo with EY social club, my friend’s 30th and then the next day went go-karting. Here’s a … Continue reading

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