So, after thinking that I’d lost my camera’s USB cable to the mega end-of-2009-cleanup, I found it in my work backpack yesterday. This was after I ordered a new one last week -_- I guess it doesn’t hurt to have an extra one. It does however, mean that I can upload photos.

Fiji sunset

Fiji sunset

This is probably my favourite photo from the trip. I took this on our second night in Fiji, whilst we were having dinner.

Overall, I had a great time in Fiji. It was a really different sort of holiday for me as I’m used to being on the go, having places to be and sights to see. This was like, you get to the resort and there’s nothing to do. Well, not nothing – there’s obviously activities and such, but no one’s forcing you and it’s not like you have to do anything. This would have been fine, except I’m the sort of person that can’t sit still for 5 mins and when there’s no TV or internet it can prove to be really trying. I spent most nights reading (I finished “Neuromancer” by William Gibson and “Gene of Isis” by Traci Harding) and we also borrowed Scrabble one night although my brain was too mushed to be any good. I’m glad I brought my eee pc as “Man vs. Wild” provided some much needed entertainment. It’s currently my favourite show and I keep raving about it.

Anyways, the days were usually spent swimming, snorkelling or kayakking. I’d never been snorkelling before so that was a great experience for me. I love not having to come up for air and we saw lots of fish, sea cucumbers and even a blue starfish! I would love to go snorkelling again as I have my own gear now and it’s pretty easy. I also enjoyed kayakking although it nearly killed my arms. My friend accidentally let my kayak drift out to the middle of the cove (!!!) while I was grabbing an oar so we paddled her kayak out to mine, and then I had to paddle against the current to get back to shore. That’s right… against the current, and the current was damn strong! My arms ached so much the next day, but I went kayakking again anyways. Might as well make the most of it right?

I am glad I only went for five days though. I think any longer and I would’ve just gone stir crazy. I’m not sure if I’d go back for another holiday. I can see the appeal of just lazing about in your bure or going to the beach for days, but I like seeing sights and learning about cultures and stuff. All I learnt in Fiji is “Fiji time!” and “Bula!” LOL. Nah, I think it’s that, after five days, no matter how great the beach is I do want to do something else.

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