New year, new start

And so, another year has passed – guess it’s time for some reflections?

Despite finding that the year has passed me by, it’s been very long and quite eventful. On the sum of it, 2009 was not a good year. A lot of depressing things happened, and I think I finally awoke to the fact that work has fully consumed me. I’ve been officially on holidays since the 14th Dec, but I spent that first week doing work things from home. I think it worried me that towards the end of the year, I couldn’t actually force myself to do anymore work. Like I actually dreaded going to work, sitting in front of my laptop and couldn’t summon any enthusiasm to complete my tasks. I was spent.

These few weeks off have a been a godsend. I’ve always complained bitterly that the company forces us to take leave over Christmas. Mainly because this uses up my annual leave and I spend so much of it on study already, there’s not a lot left over for actual holidays. However, having these few weeks off has made me realise the wisdom of forcing people to take time off work. I’ve been able to completely forget about work and go out, meet up with friends, go to the beach, see movies, rest and relax. I didn’t realise just how much I needed this time off.

I was going to write about my new year’s resolutions, but doesn’t look I will have time to do so before heading to Fiji. I’ll just have to it when I get back.

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