And so it ends: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

So, I want to quickly get out some thoughts on DH before I go reading everybody’s reviews.

Overall, I was quite impressed.

Needless to say, HBP to me, was by far the worst book. Influenced greatly by my dislike of the R/Hr and H/G ships… I’m glad that the series has been redeemed by a very fitting ending. The book was fast-paced, I was literally clutching the pages in suspense quite a few times.

I was so impressed that JKR managed to tie up so many loose ends, touched upon every book so far and managed as well, to wrangle out some twists on things that we had previously read about. I’ll try to break up my thoughts into proper topics…

BEWARE: Spoilers contained inside!

It was really surprising the number of people that died – in fact, I found that there wasn’t much mention of the Death Eater casualties, but perhaps there was just too much going on.

She killed off two characters in the first fight! Dammit. Hedwig, I didn’t feel too much for… although it was a blow. But DAYAM. Mad-Eye Moody. He was such a survivor… ):

I was relieved the Weasley’s didn’t lose any more family members than they did. I’m quite upset that it was Fred, but I kinda suspected one of the twins wouldn’t make it out alive. I thought George was done for at the beginning, so much so that Fred’s death took me completely by surprise.

I was crying when Dobby died though. I’m sure it’s how he would have wanted to go – protecting Harry Potter. I just didn’t want that for him. Remus and Tonks was a bit much. I couldn’t believe she offed BOTH of Teddy’s parents… Especially after the things that Harry said to him, I just felt they were hard done by. We didn’t even get to hear how they died. And Wormtail… I suppose he got what he came for. I think maybe too much was made of his life debt? It didn’t seem to play such a huge part as everyone though it would. But it did get him in the end!

Bellatrix got what was coming to her! And I’m glad for one, that it wasn’t Neville who did it. Sure, it would have been good to read, but I think he was better off showing his courage the way that he did. Plus, we wouldn’t have seen Mrs Weasley’s awesome line. I cannot wait to see that in the movie LOL :D

So, according to JKR, one of the characters got a reprieve at the end of the book. I was hoping one of the Malfoy’s would die – but the way they ended up… so pathetic and powerless that was unlikely to happen. That doesn’t leave too many others does it? Perhaps it was Hagrid? Or one of the other teachers?

Character Redemptions

Probably not really a redemption… but… I AM SO GLAD SNAPE WAS GOOD! It wasn’t looking like it for most of the book, and I was beginning to lose hope. But there it was! Right at the end, we got the explanation we’d been waiting 7 books for. The Snape/Lily storyline had been coming for a long time – I was glad however, that they had actually been friends before Hogwarts. And the part he had played in shaping Petunia. Perhaps if he hadn’t been as he was, she would have turned out much nicer. In any case, a lot of what was revealed wasn’t a great surprise as so much had been theorised by the fandom. JKR did a nice job with it though and I was quite satisfied after reading it.

I was also really glad that Percy realised the error of his ways. It’s a real testament to the Weasley’s as well that they could just wipe the slate clean and welcome him back with open arms. I think this was highlighted even more because he was next to Fred when he died, and his reaction showed more than anything else his love for his family.

Kreacher’s tale. This one really did make me shudder. Recounting his tale with the locket, was completely horrible. I’m glad in many ways, that Hermione had the last laugh regarding elf-rights. The number of time she has championed this cause and been laughed at, not just by other students but even by Harry and Ron. It was nice to know she had been wrong all along. And at the very end, when Kreacher leads the charge of house-elfs with their knifes and pans…. that was a nice touch. I was glad to be wrong about him :D


I found the whole “Harry is a horcrux” thing to be quite disappointing. Maybe because it had seemed so obvious and I’d hoped JKR hadn’t gone down that path. Nevertheless, the whole Harry dying thing was done quite well. I have a question regarding the small, tortured child that Harry sees on the floor after he dies. Dumbledore continually says that nothing can be done for it. But Harry never asks who or what it is. I assume it’s the part of Tom Riddle’s soul that was in Harry?

Deathly Hallows

Wasn’t too sure what to make of this storyline. Interesting concept… and I suppose it provided Harry with a choice. A test of his character, as most archetypal hero stories do. I was surprised to find out that Harry had the invisibility cloak all along. That did not click at all for me. But Dumbledore having the Elder Wand I had guessed. Just not the part about Draco actually having ‘defeated’ him. I dunno, I found the whole Horcrux storyline to be much interesting than the Hallows. Although Dumbledore’s confession about his interest in them, and Harry being the true master was a nice touch.


Ok, so everyone here knows that I ship H/Hr as my OTP and D/Hr as my GP. So how do I feel now that I’ve finished reading DH?
As an avid Pumpkin Pie-er, I think JKR wrote DH well enough that I can “accept” that ending she chose. After all, she is the author. I still do not believe that they make the best couple, and I still steadfastly refuse to believe that Harry and Hermione love each other in the “brother sister” sort of way. And I could’ve been fine with it all, if it weren’t for the Epilogue. I think as much as the Epilogue is “canon” I will disregard it for the sake of my sanity. I feel the same for H/G, although I found this was less well-written as R/Hr. I don’t consider Ginny to be the evil hag anymore, but I just can’t see her and Harry working.

I wonder what happened to Hagrid and Olympe?


We’ll start with my favourite character, Hermione. She proved herself to still be the “brightest witch of her age”. No doubt, the number of times she has gotten both Harry and Ron out of sticky situations.. they owe her their lives a few times over. I felt however, that her character had been weakened quite a bit. She was so emotional and distraught so many times. I don’t know – I guess I always felt her to be stronger than that. Perhaps because she’s a girl and she was on the frontlines with Harry, risking so much, it made her rather fragile. I was a bit uh… shocked however, at how quickly they skimmed over her recovery from the Cruciatus curse. Basically “are you ok?” “Yes” “Cool, let’s keep going then”. Considering that his best friend just got tortured, I couldn’t really believe that Harry would take it so lightly.

Dumbledore… I was quite surprised at some of the revelations about his character here. His want of power and a new ‘wizarding order’ or whatever. Sure he was young and certainly he saw that he was wrong later on, but I think he suffered greatly for it. It doesn’t seem like Dumbledore had any children, and neither did Aberforth. I’m guessing that “Dumbledore” is a wizarding name that will die out? I’m glad that Harry got to have one last chat to him, and as much as Dumbly didn’t really answer too much (yet again), we got the answers we were looking for.

Not too much else to say. That’s sort of everything in my mind as well. Oh. Except one thing… did anybody else find the final “showdown” to be somewhat… anti-climactic? I had to re-read the sentence to make that Voldy had actually died. o_O

Well, that’s it from me for now. Give it a couple of days for me to really think everything through. I may post again.

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  1. Hopefully I can talk to you about it at greater length at some point but, yes, I also found Voldemort’s death a little anticlimactic. I’m not sure how it could have been done better but the almost stream of consciousness monologue but Harry and the incessant circling didn’t quite have the showdown at the OK Corral feeling I was sort of hoping for.

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