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I went to the doctor on Sunday, and was meant to get a blood test as previously mentioned. I took my mum with me, as she knows a lot more about these things than I do so she could ask some questions about the test and also to request the specimen be sent a specific lab. Anyways, when we got in, she asked the doctor what sort of tests were being done and it took a few times before he replied “allergy tests” rather rudely. Then when she asked about sending it to a specific lab, he got rather aggressive and was all “Do you want treatment or not?! This is how we do things here.”. Well, as far as I know, a patient has the right to choose where they get their health care from as well as where their specimens and other tests are done. Moreover, I’ve never been to a doctor that has been so vague about the sort of treatment they are giving. Normally (and so it should be), they’ll tell you exactly what the test will (and won’t) tell you. Otherwise, what’s the point? Most people will want to know exactly what is wrong with their body – and what they need to do to as a result. I think I’m just more annoyed that he was so rude and wouldn’t answer our questions. Obviously, we left without the test being done – which is somewhat of a conundrum as well because now I’m not going to know what the test could have told me. Although, I maybe go back to my normal GP and talk to him about it. I think it will be a long time before I set foot inside a medical centre again – the treatment and level of care you receive when you visit one of those places is just not acceptable.

Other than that, weekend was rather boring. I cleaned up my room a little bit although I have a fair way to go. Big Day Out tickets arrived, so I’m quite excited. Also installed some RAM into my dad’s computer so hopefully that will shut him up for a bit. Oh, and bought a few suits before I start my new job. Guess it was still a pretty relaxing weekend, and was productive enough. I still have to do quit a few things before I go on houseboat and want to make sure they’re done so parents get off my back about it.


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