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I’ve now changed the settings so that you don’t need to be logged in to post comments cos someone complained :P As long as I don’t get flooded with spam comments again it should stay that way.

I’ve noticed that if I blog on a regular basis (say once every 2-3 days) my posts tend to come out with more in-depth ramblings on general crap that people probably don’t care too much about. But, if I blog once a week I end up with like this “so I did this, and this, and this” type of entry which is fine but doesn’t really say too much beyond “that was fun”. I’m wary of writing too much on politics or religion or economics. My views on some things are fairly rigid and I don’t bend too easily when discussing those subjects. Then when it comes to say, things like the drought and the current water shortage in Australia well, I daresay there’s not a jot I can do about it. I know that’s a defeatist attitude, but I’m just geared that way.

I have realised though, that I haven’t really been doing much to expand my horizons lately. With uni at least, I was ‘learning’ stuff every week and doing things to keep me busy. Now, I go to work, I go to the gym, I go online occasionally, I watch a few TV shows and that’s kind of it. I try to meet up with friends when I can and keep up with all that they’ve been up to. I think maybe after years (literally) of always having to do something when I got home that I’m just not used to not having anything of substance to do. However, it doesn’t meant that I’m doing things I should be doing like practising violin, practising my driving or doing something constructive like building a website. I’m not really sure why that is. Even worse, I’m not getting to bed any earlier than when I was at uni. So I go to bed at 1am, get up at 7am and I go to work half-dead everyday. I’m fairly sure that if I keep it I’m just not going to make it through next year.

Then there’s things I’ve been thinking that I maybe should look into. Like, improving my cantonese or learning a new language or teaching myself php. I am very lazy and in some ways becoming used to having ‘little’ to worry about. A lot of people say that November is when the year feels slow. I certainly feel that way right now. I’ve got a few things planned during the end of November, but once December starts we’ll be into the silly season and that means next year will be right around the corner. Maybe it’s good to have some calm and less stress before the new year brings new adventures.

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Rosi is now in her third decade on this Earth. Her blog is very old, but maybe she will get back into it one day.
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