A Little’s Enough

I keep on thinking of things to write about and then forgetting about them when I get to a computer to blog. Annoying.

First things, got a package in the mail from uni. I will be graduating on November 24th, 2:00pm ceremony. W00t. So 5.5 years of study, procrastination, stress, not going to class and late night assignment work have paid off. I think I’m just glad that it’s over. It seems like uni’s been over for a long time, considering I was only in one day a week last semester and had my final exam back in June. Still, I do miss it and maybe when I look back in 20 years time they will be the best years of my life. Who knows?

I got a call on my mobile from a telemarketer yesterday. Totally screwed my chi for the day. I was like “No thanks, I’m not interested”, and she was like “What if I said we’ll give you a Telstra 850 3G phone for free?”, “I’m still not interested.”, “But you won’t have to pay anymore than you currently are?”, “Look, nothing you say is going to change my mind”. To which she said, “I hear what you’re saying, but we’ll give you a free phone”. By this time I was really really pissed, because I was at work and I had been nice and polite in trying to get her off the phone. I just got so fed up, I told her if she kept talking I was going to hang up. So of course, she said (again), “I hear what you’re saying..” so I said goodbye and promptly hung up. Hearing is not the same as listening, idiot. At least it seems to answer the question of who all those bloody “Withheld” calls I was getting were from.

So I’ve been listening to the Angels and Airwaves album recently. I guess it is punk, although not the sort of punk that I normally like (The Offspring, Blink 182, early Green Day, some other band I’ve forgotten – maybe it was Unwritten Law but I think they were ska). It’s more… melodic and less chugging. There’s also some actual singing. It feels a bit pop, but the tunes are catchy and the lyrics have much more substance. Let’s face it, some of the Blink 182 lyrics were really stupid. I’ve kind of realised that posting up lyrics is in no way a reflection of how good a song is, but it’s not like I can post up an mp3. So how to convey what I really like about a song?

When all is said and done
Will we still feel pain inside?
Will the scars go away with night?
Try to smile for the morning light
It’s like the best dream to have
Where every thing is not so bad
Every tear is so alone
Like God himself is coming home to say

I, I can do anything
If you want me here
And I can fix any thing
If you let me near
Where are those secrets now
That you’re too scared to tell
I’d whisper them all aloud
So you can hear yourself

Green trees were the first sign
The deepest blue, the clearest sky
The silence came with the brightest eyes
And turned water into wine
The children ran to see
The parents stood in disbelief
And those who knew braced for the ride
The earth itself then came alive to say

I, I can do anything
If you want me here
And I can fix anything
If you let me near
Where are those secrets now
That you’re too scared to tell
I whisper them all aloud
So you can hear yourself

I’m sorry I have to say it but you look like you’re sad Your smile is gone; I’ve noticed it bad
The cure is if you let in just a little more love
I promise you this, a little’s enough

(Just a little…)
Angels and Airwaves – A Little’s Enough

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