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I did my first sudoku puzzle yesterday. There was a certain sense of achievement having completed it, but my initial reaction was “and so?”. I’m not entirely sure what the fuss is about or why people say they’re so addictive. Maybe my skills haven’t progresse beyond the simple ‘elimination’ tactics. I have a feeling I may have just picked an easy one. Some of the harder ones are annoying obviously as you have to sort of guess but even then you can retrace your steps if you’re not sure.

I’ve found that I’d much rather have a go at crossword puzzles. Normally I’m not very good at them, particularly the cryptic ones. However, I do enjoy the challenge of thinking about the words more than I enjoy putting numbers into a grid. I guess each to their own. I’m thinking of alternating between sudoku and crosswords each day, just to give me something to do. Hopefully I won’t get bored with them. So why am I doing puzzles? Well, I wanted something to keep my brain active beyond say work or playing computer games. I’d play chess, except it’s been ultra hard to find a decent chess game for the computer and I doubt they’ll release one for the PSP ever. Apparently the DS will be getting a card game compendium type thingy which also includes chess and Othello. That’s kind of tempting. I could probably go on Yahoo! games and play, but the players there can be annoyingly juvenile.

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