I’m back!

I arrived back to Sydney in one piece on Friday morning. I think when you go overseas you’re all bright-eyed and excited, and everything’s awesome (which it is) but then you find that you miss the little things about home. It was a really eye-opening experience to see all these different cities that have been around for so long. The history is just there, part of the atmosphere and the locals will walk past it everyday like it’s normal. Coming from a country where something 100 years old is considered historic, it’s hard to imagine walking on cobblestones that have been around for 1800+ years.

Then there’s things like, the number of people. It makes sense that going to a touristy area that you’d see heaps of people, but to be honest, you never get those sorts of numbers in Sydney. The only time I ever experience such crowds is at the Easter Show. A lot of services are much more easily available as well, and they’re very accomodating of tourists. So speaking English is fine and you never feel too out of depth. The only real time it’s a hinderance not to speak the local language is when you’re in the hotel room flicking through the TV channels to find something to watch and the only channels you can understand are CNN and Eurosport. It is kind of funny to watch things you already know in another language though. I managed to catch The O.C., Con Air, Cold Case and something else I’ve now forgotten in foreign languages and was thoroughly amused.

Of course, my first day back to work was met with delays on my train line due to some overhead wiring problem or something. And I was standing at the platform thinking ‘Now I know I really am home’. Then, last night I was woken up at 3:20am because a moth was flying erratically around my room. Idiot. I couldn’t catch it so I opened my door and turned on the light outside. I hope it’s flown out and died.

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