Vlogathon 3: Recurring Guest Stars on Veronica Mars

One of the great things about the Veronica Mars is its huge roster of recurring guest characters. Seeing the same students, teachers, and towns people over and over again helps add a sense of realism and familiarity to the show. There have been a total of 87 guest characters who have appeared on the show two or more times. That averages out to almost two returning guest stars per episode!

1) Name three of your favorite recurring characters and tell us why you like them.
1. Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie. In many ways, she matches Veronica’s smarts and to me, is a pretty good friend to Veronica. Being a bit of a geek myself, I love her techno-savviness and some of the quips she has. The episode where Mac and Veronica go to see Vincent and Veronica calls her “Q” and in turn gets dubbed “Bond” really made me laugh. I also loved the development of her character through Season 2 – she’s dealt with the bombshell that Veronica discovered quite well and she seemed quite happy with Cassidy. I also like ‘no questions asked’ way she has of dealing with Veronica’s requests, it’s an interesting friendship they have and I’m glad they can count on each other.

2. Van Clemmons. It’s a very amusing sort of interaction that Veronica has with Principal Clemmons and I enjoy his exasperation when dealing with her. I was rather impressed at the way he completely manipulated Veronica into discovering her mother’s past at Neptune High and for revealing who Trina’s father is (despite the continuity issues in that storyline). Considering the number of times Veronica’s pulled one over him, it was nice to see him get the better of her. Plus, as much as he may have trouble keeping her in line, he trusts her judgement and knows that he can count on her. I’m fairly sure we won’t be seeing anymore of him in the next season though.

It was pretty difficult to decide who to pick for the third character. A couple of people come to mind: Cassidy, Casey Gant, and Meg. Considering two of them are dead it doesn’t really bode well.

3. Casey Gant. I think we only saw Casey twice? Once when Veronica investigated the cult, and again in ‘A Trip To The Dentist’. For me, I found it interesting that Veronica was able to get along so well with him once he’d given up the money and decided to stay at the collective. He was really nice to her and I think as a viewer we get the impression that whilst the 09ers can be horrid, there is hope for some that they can see the more important things in life.

2) Name the one character that you would most like to see added to the main cast.
I’m not really fussed – I like having new characters on the show, and I think the nature of the stories told require that there will constantly be new people so it’s not a big deal. Keeps it interesting though, and ensures that I have to remember lots LOL.

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