Veronica Mars Season 2 Review

Yeap… That’s right.. Veronica Mars *again*. Needless to say, the PSA still holds. Really, I probably should have put up a SPOILER ALERT for those Aussie folks who haven’t seen all of VM yet because Channel Ten keeps screwing around with the time.

Hum, this turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. Really, I’m just writing it all down because I don’t have anyone to discuss it with, and I’d like to be able to come back during Season 3 and see how I felt earlier.

So I once again have deprived myself of sleep to watch the sassy blonde solve petty crimes and other mysteries. Generally, if I like a TV show or movie I can be fairly lenient towards any obvious plot-holes, plot-devices and bad acting. I think though that I’m slowly learning to be discerning with my viewing. I have limited time so I want whatever I watch to be awesome.

In general, Season 2 didn’t live up to the same level of greatness that Season 1 achieved. There’s several reasons for this. In the first season, the Lilly Kane murder case has a deep, personal affect on Veronica and she has a vested personal interest in solving the case. In many ways, I think solving that crime is the driving force behind her going to school and helping out other people. Now that she’s solved it and despite it not being fully resolved as a story line, the first 10 or so episodes are not very engaging. The bus crash just isn’t as interesting a mystery. The only person on the bus that Veronica knew was Meg, and they weren’t exactly close friends. Besides blaming herself for it, there wasn’t really any reason for her to be interested beyond that she’s a slave to her curiousity.

Coupled with the (really poor) pregnancy storyline which I think they ‘resolved’ too early in the season, it made for some dull episodes between some very good ones. The kidnapping episode was great and I was mildly amused that they had decided to show it the way that they did. Essentially playing the viewer just as the characters were. It was touching the lengths that Veronica went to in assisting Duncan despite him having kept secrets and lied to her. I found Teddy Dunn’s acting to be slightly uh… wooden but sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s just poor dialogue or poor acting. However, I don’t think the relationship between Duncan and Veronica was built up well enough to have us believe the amount of trust the two of placed in each other. Hence, I think this ep would have had more effect if placed later in the season after the relationship had grown. Plus, what was with getting rid of two of the characters for the majority of the season? I mean, the actors were still in the credits but Wallace and Duncan had less air time than Dick Casablancas! The only other thing I wondered was whether or not Wallace was affected by the fact that Veronica lied to him as well. Considering her father’s outburst that she ‘played’ him, and that he couldn’t trust her, Wallace would have had to feel somewhat put out that she didn’t tell him either. He tried very hard to make sure that she wasn’t moping around and being depressed (but then, I’m betting she was – just for a different reason). Although, I get the impression that Wallace very much accepts that Veronica does what she believes she has to do and for her own reasons. Considering that we’ve seen it before (in ‘A Trip To The Dentist’) when she finally told him everything she’d been hiding I’m guessing he’s wise to the fact that sometimes it’s better not knowing. Then again, we see that he’s not always happy to just ‘live in her world’ and have everything ‘be about her’. Guess she’s just really lucky to have him as her best friend (:

I did find it rather odd that Duncan didn’t tell Veronica anything about Meg being pregnant. I do wonder if he knew before we see the letter. It seems logical to believe that’s the reason he kept going back to the hospital. This rings a little false for me, as Duncan claims to really love Veronica yet he keeps so much for her. It made it hard for me to believe that she would risk so much to help him. Then again, we’ve seen before the lengths she’ll go to for the people she cares about. I really kind of wish that Meg had told Veronica she was pregnant as she reverted straight back to being a 09er bitch – even if Duncan and Meg didn’t get back together at least it would have been a nicer ending.

The other episode that I think really stood out was the Magic Mountain one. I like the growing interaction between Veronica and Weevil. She doesn’t trust him, but she’s gone out on a limb for him more than a few times and as such, I’m fairly sure that he trusts her. This is despite her accusing him of murder or larceny every other episode. He is the perfect fall guy though huh. In fact, the main reason I liked this one was because she blamed him and she was right – he was just one step ahead of her! Plus, their banter is usually quite amusing.

I suppose I should at some point mention Logan :P But really, he kind of deserves a whole section to himself. I wasn’t surprised that he was the one on her porch. Neither was I surprised that she was with Duncan by the end of the summer. Why? Too much foreshadowing. She wasn’t over him, he wasn’t over her, they weren’t siblings… all good! I did like the way they threw in all these twists though, kept you guessing a bit before the end of the first ep. I did feel sorry for Logan, particularly when they reveal that Veronica broke up with him. And the reason for it. But it felt justified and fairly realistic. I will say, he’s snarky, sarcastic comments about D/V did start to get tiresome but as he says to her later in the season, “you’re so cute when you’re jealous”. I was kind of waiting for him to have some sort of breakdown but I suppose the whole sleeping with your friend’s stepmom works too. The scene where he comes to save her from the Fitzpatricks and her resulting breakdown was a great showcase of the chemistry between Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring. It’s a shame there wasn’t more of this in the season. Having watched too many teen soaps it is often very easy to predict the romantic tangles that the characters will get into. I loved Logan’s tortured appeals to Veronica to help him prove his innocence. I loved that he was protective of her. And I really loved that she got all jealous when he was with Hannah. I did have some trouble believing that she wanted to get back together with him – considering how cut she was when Duncan left. But I think that she’s given up ever seeing Duncan again and it’s obvious that she still has some feelings for Logan. She pretty much admits that. It should be interesting to see where this goes in the next season.

I have mixed feelings about the season finale. I did not like the chlamydia revelation. Maybe because I actually MISSED the revelation as the file I had cut out a few minutes from the beginning of the ep where that was revealed. Apparently this happened to a few people ): But yes, I didn’t like that revelation… and once it was revealed that Woody had the clap, then it was really just trying to work out how it got to Veronica. I didn’t like the way they used the STD revelation in the trial either, but it was obvious from the get-go that Aaron Echolls was going to be acquitted. There’s no drama otherwise. It’s a shame they didn’t keep him around to stir up more trouble, but he sure went out in style.

The graduation ceremony was alright. I liked that the other students did cheer when Veronica walked across the stage. I hope it goes some way to helping her realise that not everyone hates her. She does have friends. Clemmons’ short farewell to her was a nice touch as well – I’m guessing we won’t really be seeing him again. I should say at this point, that I found the scene (from the previous ep) where Wallace says he’s glad he got taped to the flagpole somewhat flat. I mean, it was a nice scene as we haven’t seen enough Wallace/Veronica friendship-building this season but more that she doesn’t say anything to him and it makes it seem like they’re going to walk out of school and never speak to each other again. Considering they’re best friends this seems rather unbelievable. Maybe I read it wrong?

Anyways, I really wanted to get to the point of the season finale where we find out who caused the bus crash. I must say the episode was good in that it delivered what we wanted to know, tied up quite a few threads, and left enough teasers to keep us guessing till next season. (Lucky for me, I’ll only be waiting three weeks for it :P). I do believe the execution was not the best though. Some of things that happened could have been done better. The next part is a big big spoiler, so I really suggest anybody who hasn’t seen it stop reading now.

I was pretty surprised that it was Cassidy. He’s been a bit creepy lately, and some hints were dropped about him but I actually thought it would be something to do with Kendall and the Fitzpatricks. I’m not sure if that was a red herring or more foreshadowing in regards to Weevil. Anyways, Veronica’s discovery of Cassidy’s secret and her attempts to warn Mac seemed a little out of character. We’ve seen her worm her way in and out of some rather difficult situations and yet she just gave up after asking the hotel reception. I really believe she could have done a better job. Even worse, she then believes the SMS that “Mac” sends and goes up to the roof. Now the kick-ass daughter of a PI should know better than to go to somewhere so isolated, BY HERSELF without telling anyone. The following showdown however, was both intense, shocking and absolutely heart-wrenching to watch. I need to watch it again to see exactly how she kept her favourite gadget on her. This was especially useful of course in getting Logan to the roof. I found *this* hard to believe as well as we see Logan’s phone display a number not an address book entry labelled “Veronica”. Considering the amount of trouble Logan’s been in lately with the Fitzpatricks, the PCHers and life in general… it also seems a rather stupid idea for him to go to the roof alone. But moving right along, they needed some way for both of them to go to roof huh. I was reading at TWoP that quite a few fans couldn’t believe that Veronica survived three shocks from the taser and still managed to tackle Cassidy. Initially, I thought this as well. However, I remember in the dog-napping episode, the girl (I forget her name and she wasn’t memorable anyways :P) tasered Hans quite a few times and he was still able to yell out that the dog wasn’t dead. Really, it would depend on how long the taser is applied for and perhaps the voltage. I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt. Plus, she’s pretty emotionally traumatised at this time. Having worked out that she was actually raped (more on this later) AND having just seen Cassidy blow up a plane she thinks was carrying her father… her anger must’ve been channelled somewhere. I did like that it was ‘Logan to the rescue’ again. I think this was a nice throwback to the “Weapons of Class Destruction” episode. It was also a nice mirror to the beginning of season where Veronica was cradling a very beaten up Logan.

To be honest, I don’t think many viewers would have believed that Keith died. It was an interesting twist, and Kristen Bell’s acting was superb here so I can’t really fault it. I also like that she’s back with Logan. As I said before… excellent chemistry :P

So, the last thing to discuss really is the whole rape revelation. I really really disliked this. Sure, after re-watching “A Trip To The Dentist” I can now read into Cassidy’s scenes a bit more and maybe construe that he was lying. But having already dealt with this issue in what I consider to be one of, if not, THE best episode really kind of ruined it for me. It’s kind of ironic to note that Cassidy *is* both a murderer and a rapist. I do hope that we see more of Veronica dealing with this news in the next season then, if they’ve made such a point of returning to the storyline to drop a bombshell. I kind of preferred that she wasn’t raped and that she slept with Duncan willingly and yet couldn’t remember it. It was a nice reminder that as much as she’d like to be, Veronica isn’t in control of everything in her life. That sometimes she’s wrong. And sometimes she just can’t get revenge. Particularly the revenge thing cos it’s been touched on more than once that she has some sort of fixation on ‘making people pay’.

It’s a shame we won’t be seeing more of Cassidy. I liked him as a character, probably because he seemed like such a nice guy for an 09er. Maybe we should be pinning our hopes on Dick instead *cough*. I am wondering what will happen with the Phoenix Land Trust. Did Cassidy actually mean for it to be left to Kendall considering how much he disliked her? Seems like a bit of an oversight but we know there’s more to that story in the next season.

I’ve written a whole essay on this. Scary. Guess I’ll be getting back to my regular blogging program.

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