Sick sick sick.

The flu’s been going around lately, and it was finally my turn to get it. I ended up taking Thursday off work because of it. My mum was home the whole week last week, but I was a bit wary of taking too much time off. I had all these plans for the weekend too, but didn’t end up doing anything because of darn flu. So missed out on clubbing on Friday night and then didn’t make it to Animania on Saturday. Which really sucked. I’d hoped that by going to bed early on Friday night that I’d get enough rest to be ok for Saturday but I woke up in the morning and felt like throwing up and my head was pounding. Even all the drugs I was taking didn’t help much, except to make me sleepy. Although Mike was heaps nice and looked after me. Made me soup and everything (:

I did end up making it to Vinci’s 21st. But that’s something I wouldn’t have missed unless I was in hospital on my death bed or something. It was pretty good – saw quite a few people that I hadn’t seen in a while and got to see what they’ve been up to. It was quite fun, she had some games and stuff that everyone had to participate in. And the whole masquerade ball thing was good anyways. I left early, but still got to hear all the speeches. Speeches at 21st’s are usually quite amusing – considering there’s always different groups of people and you get an interesting glimpse into how someone you know is perceived by other people. Lots of fun in all.

I pretty much slept all of Sunday. Had to wake up at 11am because Ray came to pick up a book, but I went back to bed at 12 and then slept till like 6:30pm. I sort of woke up rather disorientated (disoriented?) because it was dark outside and you know when you’ve sort of put your body clock off-kilter… it was like that. I had something to eat, put away some stuff and then went back to bed LOL. I think the rest did help heaps though. I’m still a bit sick now but the sore throat seems to be gone and mainly the stuffy nose is persisting. It’s screwing with my asthma though and I really don’t like that.

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much at all. Work is work. New guy’s started, he seems alright. I bought a webcam for my computer last week. It seems to be working pretty well. The only people I know with webcams are Su and Pal, who are overseas, but it’s a very novel way of communicating. It’s also kind of weird because I sort of forget that it’s on and I’ll be doing things and suddenly think ‘Crap! They saw that!’. Still, it’s pretty fun.

Besides that, just packing a few things for Eurotrip ’06. I am a bit worried what with all the talk of terrorist plots in the UK and all the extra security precautions required to get in and out of the country. Plus the whole not allowed to bring hand luggage thing. But I’ve bought my tickets and I’m intent on going so even being blown out of the sky shouldn’t hinder me. There’s no point really worrying about it unless it actually does happen anyways I guess. I am certainly aware that I need to be really alert and on the ball while I’m by myself but it should be ok. My torch arrived on Friday, so that’s one less thing to worry about. I wanted to bring a compass, but maybe I should trade that in for a GPS system LOL. Still deciding whether or not it’s worth bringing my PSP on the trip. I can load photos and stuff onto it though, and that’d certainly be awesome. It’d make it much easier to transport the photos, but then I need to bring a USB cable and that as well. Too much to consider.

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