Procrastinating far too much

It’s been a while since I last blogged although I haven’t been up to much. In fact, I didn’t really do much last week at all. I went to uni a couple of times to study, but it was fairly unproductive. Also got my lab report back and got 70 for it… which was fairly shocking considering the lack of work that went into it and the comments on our timing diagrams that said “what is this meant to show?”. What indeed. So my lab partner and I were pretty stoked about that. As long as we pass the final, we’ll pass the course.

Oh yeah, also was the last time I went to Dtecht. I met up with my supervisor to return some of his texts and he took me out to coffee. It was pretty nice, and it was good to speak about things not related to the project. He asked a lot about choosing courses and stuff, apparently IT is not popular this year, and there’s only like 30 students or something. Not sure if that’s strictly IT or BCST, but compared to when I was doing COMP1001, that’s a big change. It’s not too surprising though, I was doing those courses when IT was at its peak. I guess it’s a cycle and in a couple of years IT will re-invent itself and become necessary again.

Kind of went on a movie spree too. On Friday, I saw The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift because I had four hours to kill before Su’s goodbye dinner. Honestly, I never walk into a movie like that with any sort of expectations. I know it’s going to be shit. I don’t expect a plot, good acting or anything. I do however, know that the cars are going to be awesome and the racing scenes will be impressive. So I guess that’s why I can walk out of a movie like that and say it was good. Maybe this is why I can say quite a few movies are good LOL.

Su’s goodbye dinner was alright. Bit pricey cos we went to tapas restaurant. But I got to have meatballs and sausages and fried potatoes so you know, as if I’m going to complain. Went to French Riviera ice-cream place afterwards and got this mountain of ice-cream to share. I really should have taken a picture as I’ll never be getting that by myself. It was kind of sad, cos I know Su’s gone for at least three months, and by the time she’s coming back I’ll probably be going overseas myself. That’s if she comes back. But you know, everyone has to move on with their lives and go out and do what they want or need to. I never pegged her as being one of those people to go overseas to work. Oh wells, there’s always the phone and internet so it’s not like we’ll lose touch I guess.

On Saturday I ended up going to see Da Vinci code by myself. I’d heard mainly bad things about it, and for once they were warranted. I’ll admit right now that I have not read the book and I’m kind of glad I haven’t. I’ve read two other books by Dan Brown (Angels & Demons and Deception Point), and I found them both enjoyable but I think there’s only so much Dan Brown you can take at one time. So yeah, Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon is not the Langdon I imagined from Angels & Demons, and I doubt the character changed that much in Da Vinci Code. Mostly I was just disappointed that the whole Sophie story arc was blatantly obvious about one-third of the way through the movie. It was a surprisingly L-O-N-G movie. Paul Bettany was pretty amazing as Silas, and Ian McKellen was brilliant as ever, but it just wasn’t enough to carry the movie. So yes, it was fairly bad.

Also saw ‘The Break Up’ right after that. Definitely not what I was expecting. I was sort of expecting some romantic-comedy or something, but definitely not. I’m not entirely sure what the point of the movie was. It didn’t leave me feeling anything, and I half believe the moral is “some relationships just don’t work out”. Well… that’s great. The acting wasn’t bad, and some of the stuff was rather funny but yeah.. I think the ending was just flat.

I finally found ‘The Boondock Saints’, took me a little while to find it as it’s a fairly old movie. But damn it was awesome. It’s gritty, it’s kind of funny and it’s rather gory. It’s a bit like Lock Stock, although not as fun. Billy Connolly at the end was magnificent, and the prayers that the boys say are thought-provoking. The entire movie was thought-provoking even though it’s based around a bunch of vigilantes.

After my exam I’m going to find the time to re-watch 12 Monkeys (my favourite time-travel movie) and Primal Fear, both of which I bought on DVD last weekend. I love 12 Monkeys because it’s probably the only movie where time-travel actually makes sense and doesn’t screw the story line. It also shows Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in some of their best roles I reckon. I also love Primal Fear. The movie’s a bit of a mindfuck, because you never really know who the bad guy is or what’s going on… Ed Norton was awesome in this movie and the ending is so chilling. Definitely have to re-watch this.

Other than that, I’ve been spending all my time finishing One Tree Hill season 3, Gilmore Girls season 2 and then I started Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve finished season 1 and half of season 2. So much for study huh.

So yes, no more watching stuff until I’ve done some proper study. I’m working two days next week as well, so I really should do as much study as I can now.

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