It’s OVER. Now for the rest of life…

Yeap, that’s right. Thesis is done. Over. Handed-in and all that. I stayed awake for 54 hours straight and boy did I pay for it. I think I’m still recovering. It really is amazing though, what you can push your body to do with a few cups of coffee and some adrenaline. Nevertheless, I am NEVER doing this again. Not that I should have to, considering this is my last major project for uni…

That being said, I’m fairly disappointed in myself and probably a little angry too. I know I didn’t put enough effort in, and I really could have done more for my project. Yes, I’ve been really busy this semester with lots of things that weren’t uni, but at the same time, this was my last big project and I could’ve made it into whatever I wanted. I did learn a lot of new things, I’m not sure I had enough time to actually demonstrate that in my thesis either. But at the same time, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t get to investigate and I feel I let my supervisor down a little because he was encouraging the whole time and gave me lots of good advice on what to do and what to research. So on the whole, definitely not my best work, but I do suppose it’s enough to pass and maybe that’s good enough.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve just the thesis presentation to do this Friday, and the ELEC4605 Stopwatch assignment. I’ll be concentrating on the latter for the next few days. I bought a VHDL book off Kurt for $20 (yeay for cheap second-hand books!) and I managed to find a torrent for the old version of Altium Designer so at least I can try and see if the code compiles and all that sort of thing. Can’t actually do any testing from home, so that’ll have to wait until Tuesday. I must say, my lab partner’s been mighty understanding. I’ve missed the last two lectures, and I’ve missed two labs in total now. But she’s been all ‘your thesis is more important’ and ‘don’t worry, I’ll just draw up the diagram’ so that’s been a real blessing. I hope that I’ll get to finish off most of the coding so at least I’ll have done my fair share of the work. I do hate writing lab reports though \: I hope to have mine done by Thursday so I don’t have to do a last minute rush job again. But that does seem rather unlikely.

In other news, we got a wireless router yesterday. My dad’s been on his computer every night for the past few weeks, and he’s been bugging me. I find it very hard to work with other people in the room, I guess because I work, I look at LJ, I work, I chat, I work, I check e-mail. And really, no parent ever seems to understand how you can study like that. Plus, he always goes “Ros, why isn’t this working?” and I’m thinking, I’m trying to do work dammit. So finally mum convinced him to move his computer upstairs and we got a wireless router. I gave him my wireless PCI card that I wasn’t using and now it’s all working fine. This also means I can use my laptop upstairs and use the ‘Net! Not that I’d want to – I can’t sit in my chair for the mountain of clothes it’s holding, nor see the desk for the piles of paper on it. So unless I want sit on my bed to study, that’s not a good plan.

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