Top Heroines and Ancient Observatories…

In keeping with my ‘I don’t have time to blog but here’s some stuff for you anyways’ of late, here’s two links:

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror: Part IV
As I wasn’t really interested in showing ALL 75, I’ve given the list from number 14, because that’s what number Hermione Granger is. What I don’t understand is how the Powerpuff Girls beat her? Also, very cool that Buffy was number 2. That’s wicked.

Ancient observatory found
Well, that about dang says it all really. Actually, this sort of thing fascinates me, because the usual unanswered question is: just how did they build these things? Even with all the technology that we have now, building a pyramid would be friggin hard job no? So all I can do is look in awe.

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