Luke vs. Harry

Considering the number of fandoms I follow (namely, HP/SW/LOTR), there have been many discussions on the similarities between the stories and the characters. Whether it be from what’s considered typical ‘legend’, to the situations that the characters are put through.
Well, here’s one comparison that I came across recently and thought was interesting. Most of those points I’ve seen before, the flying one was something I’d overlooked. Shame they hadn’t added LOTR ones, because the whole dementor/Nazgul comparison gets me every time :P Interesting read anyways.

Been listening to a few D/Hr fan mixes lately – definitely a good way to find new music. At the moment, I’m particularly liking The Killers (Mr Brightside), Something Corporate (Ruthless), The All-American Rejects (Dirty Little Secrets), The Used (Hard To Say) and Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down). Also, thanks to Travis for showing me Resurrection Eve who are heaps good, I must say. I haven’t listened to that sort of music for a while, and not really into ‘goth’ as such. Don’t really listen to much metal music either, which I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not in that sort of mood anymore or I’ve just mellowed out and prefer alt-rock? In any case, go and see what you think of the bands I’ve mentioned.

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