so i’ve just gotten off the phone with su.. arguing with her for like… 2 hours about my ‘belief system’. which went from explaining what i believe to trying to convince her that it’s not a religion. COS IT’S NOT A FRIGGIN’ RELIGION SU!!! i believe something akin to the “seven planes of existence”. but not quite. dunno, anyways, now that i’m completely turned off my ‘belief system’ for the sake of it being dubbed the “rosaligion”, i shall have to find something new. LOL. and i can still tease su about her belief in the non-belief. ie, believing in not believing is still a belief system. confused yet? as of now, i am investigating Theosophy, which has the motto: “There is no religion higher than Truth”. looks to be interesting.

besides THAT, i had a good day :P was kev’s surprise 21st! which was heaps good, and he seemed quite happy about it all (: as always with buffets, i ate too much, and felt sick for a bit afterwards. but i got to have my jelly and that was all i cared about (: we went bowling afters, which was great fun. after being told to change the way i bowled, i consecutively bowled gutter balls for something like 4 frames. absolutely fantastic (: but hey, all in the name of fun right? :D

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Rosi is now in her third decade on this Earth. Her blog is very old, but maybe she will get back into it one day.
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