lego lego lego

wow. i got a very belated birthday present from the group today (: kinda expected (heard a few rumblings :D) but soooo cool still (: i now have a dark side development kit to add to my star wars lego collection!!!!!!!!! w000t :D it was so exciting :D cos i had no idea what was in the big box… and yeah, i held onto it for dear life and didn’t want to let go LOL.

i was really touched that everyone took the time out to come to wenty at lunch to give me the present. it’s always nice to have all your friends with you, and know that they care (: i got a very funky chimpanzee card too :D

hrm.. i don’t think i’ve ever done so many smileys in one post before. LOL. see what a little bit of lego can do to a girl?

i hear an accounting tute calling my name….

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Rosi is now in her third decade on this Earth. Her blog is very old, but maybe she will get back into it one day.
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