*pst… tap tap*

well, after all the terrible debacles in setting up webspace, it looks like it’s *finally* going ahead. we are now three tylandrians, with little webspace but big dreams. well, that’s how i romanticise it anyways :P

so i met up with bec yesterday, got a photo from her 21st (see if i can get a scan of it) and a birthday present. i have new book to read!! :D w00t. and it’s not fantasy/sci-fi so that’s heaps cool (: *adds to list*

hrm. danness came to visit usyd today. LOL, last night he left these “pst” and “tap tap” msgs on my icq and i was like… WTH? and today i finished acct tute early and i’m walking on wenty level 4 and i’m like wth are you doing here? and he’s like “i tried to tell you last night” LOL! was so funny. ended up skipping 3603 lecture to go and play basketball. which was a hoot and a half. cos we got locked IN the court. so we had to climb the fence. it’s been a long time since i’ve done anything like that.. don’t seem to be as good at it now ): damn shame too. hrm.. had a few games of pool too (: and a TED. i’m now 2/3rds of the way to getting a “TED Trucker Cap”, cos i really want to advertise the fact that i’m an alcoholic. YUP! *cough*.

mmm… i’m already behind on my readings for my subjects. i feel really bad, cos it’s only week 2 and i’m behind ): so i’m DETERMINED that i will use my days off wisely. altho, manda sent me a job advert, for a one day a week accting job. so i’ll apply and see how it goes (: hrm. i’m really tired for some reason |: might head off i think. hrm. i think for once, it seems like the pieces of my life are falling into place. i know what i want to do, where i want to go. not bad. not bad.

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