do you ever find that you get really anxious or worried about something and then it turns out all right? well, that happened to me today. got myself all worked up and worried about talking to su and then it turned ok. cos she knew it was coming anyways. so then i felt stupid. kind of. maybe more that like, i should’ve known. but not? because sif know what’s going to happen. i am glad however, that i was put in the position i was. i have never been in a situation like that, and whilst i have been able to understand what it feels like, it’s nothing compared to actually feeling it. and i know that from now on, i will make sure i never put anybody else in that position. maybe it’s just frustrating to know that my bf can go out anytime he likes, and i can’t. so the whole he goes out and i don’t get to see him just grates? well. that’s a factor. i know it is.

so today, we went to buy danny’s 21st present :D which was cool. and su got her shepherd’s pie so i think she was happy. we ended up at galaxy world. haha. played lots of games, got lots of tickets! came away with one very strange “ball” and three pocket gliders. HAHA. well, i guess it was good just to be able to play silly games for a while (:

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Rosi is now in her third decade on this Earth. Her blog is very old, but maybe she will get back into it one day.
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