backing up my blogs

so finally found that you can auto-import LJ posts into dreamwidth (i really should not have been surprised). so i’ve gone and done that and will delete the LJ posts from here.

even more fun.. having to spin up a domain and wp blog so i can import my tumblr there before the great purge comes in 2 days and possibly kills everything… not looking forward to slow demise of tumblr from here

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With the stuff going around about LJ, I finally went back to see my old blog. Have moved a bunch of posts over to here for safekeeping and will likely delete my old LJ even if I can’t find way to neatly export the whole thing. Added a new category for them and everything. How strange to go back 10+ years and see all the random/fandom things I used to blog about.

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Project 365

So I finally got off my arse and made the 365 blog. It can be found here:

It’s a joint blog with the boy where we both post one photo a day. Started it on the 1st Feb and haven’t missed a day since. Hopefully I can keep it up. Mostly I like that it makes me look out for things during the day that might be of interest or something different. Having a camera on my phone and the ability to blog something there and then is also a big help.

Anyways, enjoy!

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Time keeps moving…

I recently moved all the photos off my compact point-and-shoot to clear it for my trip to Batemans Bay and Canberra. Looking at the photos I’d moved off, I realised I hadn’t looked at it since I got back from Fiji. It had all my photos from my time in London on it. I was there a year ago, beginning an adventure. I look back on the photos and I miss it. I miss exploring a foreign city, travelling on weekends, living with friends and just doing something new and different every day.

A year has passed and I wonder what have I achieved since I’ve been home? Not much really. I spent so much time at work during the last busy season, it stretched from July to November… relentless in its grip on me and my life. I got to December and the year had flown by. I can feel my attitude to work has changed. I am no longer excited or enthused, I dread waking up in the morning and I find periods of time during the day where I sit at my laptop… listless. Devoid of motivation and inspiration. A friend of mine left recently… and other close friends are planning their move. I have resolved that I will do the same.

In happier news, the festive season brought a very welcome three week break with it. I was able to do my usual end of year cleanout of my room. I threw out so much stuff, I filled the entire rubbish bin. I also recycled several trees worth of paper thanks to CA. It always feels very cathartic to do this and I really wonder where I accumulate all this junk from. My parents were really happy I was home for Christmas, considerinng I was away last year. I think we all enjoyed spending time and just being a family. I also got to spend time with friends and enjoy catching up with lots of mates.

So, a quick list of things I wish to achieve this year

  • lose weight/get fit/exercise
  • eat healthier/drink less
  • save money/buy less stupid things/acquire things I will use
  • read more books (including comic books)
  • play my violin
  • play more computer games
  • take more photos. Tempted to do the 365 day challenge BUT not sure how that will work with my numerous analogue cameras…
  • stop listening to indie pop/electronica/dubstep, despite how much I love them, and get back to my rock roots
  • blog more (hah!)
  • catch up more with friends that I haven’t seen in ages, spend less time on people who do not care for my overall well-being
  • leave work on time

I suspect this list is much the same as last year’s list. The things I want to do never really changes…

And finally, a few photos from my recent photo expeditions. The Minolta Hi-Matic 9 that I found at the markets on my trip to Hobart has proven to be a wonderful find. The lense gives beautiful, clear shots with a tinge that I think only film can capture. The Diana however, is a more complex beast that I am still trying to master.

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrant (Diana camera, pinhole setting)

"The Canada" under the Harbour Bridge (Diana Camera, 75mm lense)

Owl artwork (Diana camera, 75mm lense)

No riding the crane! (Diana camera, 75mm lense)

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Triple J Hottest 100

My vote:
Art Vs Science – A.I.M. Fire!
Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys
Digitalism – 2 Hearts
Foster The People – Waste
Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight
Jebediah – Control
Kasabian – Velociraptor!
Ladytron – White Elephant
Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N
Wombats, The – Our Perfect Disease

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New hobbies

So I have finally found time to indulge in a new hobby – photography. More specifically, lomography.

I had been wanting to get into photography for years, I just hadn’t found anything that really appealed to me. And then, I found out about the Diana. Harking back to the ol’ 70-80s plastic cameras, these are imprecise, dirty and give a very faded/washed-out look that appeals to me. So, a few friends chipped in to buy me one for Christmas. It came with an instant back that allows me to take Polaroids as well. Very very cool. I liked it so much, I splurged on a deluxe kit when I was in the U.K. The deluxe kit comes with a 35mm film adapter (and backing), and lots of lenses to boot. Perfect for dabbling in different effects!

So last weekend, the boy and I took advantage of the good weather and took our cameras out for a spin. I didn’t use up the whole roll of 35mm in the Diana. The boy did however, find an adapter so we can use the Diana lenses on our Canon SLR/DSLRs. And I do have the results from that. Here’s a few pics from that adventure. Hoping to find some more interesting photo subjects soon.

Boats on the water

More boats

Fuzzy grainy goodness


I quite like the effect the Diana lenses have given my SLR photos, although I suspect the Diana itself will give completely different results. I think the middle one was taken with the Fisheye lens, but somehow it just doesn’t have that real fisheye effect?

Now, I just need to work out how to get copies of my instant photos so I can put them up here as well.

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